Monday, 29 April 2013

Fry Fish Parsi Style


  1. Fish Slices  4 nos (Salmon, Pomfret, Halva (Black Pomfret), Mackerel, King Fish..
  2. Garlic and hot pepper paste - 6 tsp
  3. Cumin powder - 2 tsp
  4. Red chilli powder - 4 tsp
  5. Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Oil to fry - 1 cup
  8. Finely chopped coriander for garnishing
  9. Lime slices

  1. Clean fish slices and make slight cuts on surface for marination to seep in
  2. Marinate the fish with garlic pepper paste, cumin powder, red chilli and turmeric powder and salt
  3. Keep the fish for 4 hrs to marinate
  4. Heat oil in an iron tava ( this adds flavour to the fish)
  5. Place the marinated fish carefully on the tava
  6. Fry oh high flame for about 3 min
  7. Lower the heat and fry till the lower side of the fish turns slightly brown
  8. Flip the fish pieces es and repeat the procedure on the other side.
  9. If the fish sticks to the tava, shut the flame and keep it for about 5 mins, 
  10. Place the fried fish in a platter and serve
  11. Garnish the fish with coriander and squeeze lime  
  12. Drizzle a bit of the fried oil on the fish while serving

NOTE: Tastes yummy with plain Yellow Dal and Rice

Chinese Schezwan Sauce


  1. Dried red chillies  25 nos
  2. Garlic flakes  3 bulbs
  3. Finely chopped garlics  10 - 15 nos
  4. Finely chopped green chillies  3 nos
  5. Finely chopped ginger  2 inch piece
  6. Finely chopped white onions  2 nos
  7. Finely chopped celery .. 1 stalk
  8. cornflower 2 tsp
  9. Brown vineger  1 tbsp
  10. Sugar 1 tbsp
  11. Oil  1tbsp
  12. Ajinomoto (optional)   2 pinches
  13. Water  2 cups 

  1. Boil garlic bulbs and red chillies with 2 cups of water for 5 mins
  2. Drain water and keep aside
  3. Grind the boiled chillies and garlic to a fine paste
  4. Heat oil in a pan 
  5. Add ginger, chopped garlic and chopped chillies and stir
  6. Add celery, and chopped onions and stir
  7. Fry till onions turn transparent
  8. Add the chilly garlic paste and stir for 2 -3 mins
  9. Dissolve cornflower in 2 tbsp of water
  10. Add all ingredients and drain out the excess water
  11. Bring back to a boil and keep stirring continuously 
  12. Simmer for 2 - 3 min till sause is thick and snooth
  13. Cool the sauce
  14. Bottle it and refrigerate it 
Schezwan sauce is ready to use for chinese cooking